Spring tree trimming

Why Spring Tree Trimming is Important

Trees add beauty to the landscape of your home or business and offer ecological benefits. While it’s important to prune trees in the late fall when they’re dormant, it’s also essential to do some spring tree trimming to keep them healthy and structurally sound. Our Dallas tree service, North Texas Trees, compiled this list of why spring tree trimming is important and the benefits you’ll receive using our professional tree service.

Certain Trees Thrive After Spring Tree Trimming

Trees that bleed a lot of sap when trimmed or pruned, like maple, birch, or walnut, do well when pruned in the spring. During the late spring or summer, these varieties of trees have less sap, and the pruning process becomes less messy. Help keep the trees healthy by not removing over 10% of the tree’s branches, and wait to prune flowering trees until after they’ve bloomed.

Trimming Fruit-Bearing Trees Enhances Production

If you didn’t prune your fruit trees sufficiently when they’re dormant, they will produce an abundance of green growth, which can prohibit flowers that will produce fruit. Ask your spring tree trimming Dallas tree service to prune some of the green growth off of your fruit trees to allow more sunlight into the inner parts of the tree. Also, clearing out excessive spring greenery will let air flow through the fruit trees, reducing the chance of insect or pest infestations.

Pruning Wounds Heal Fast

When you or your spring tree trimming company prunes in the colder months and the trees are dormant, the wounds take longer to heal and these wounds may become infested or rot. When the weather is warmer, the tree wounds heal faster, and the trees become more resilient to insects, disease, or rot.

A Good Time To Trim Dead or Damaged Limbs

Once the trees come out of their dormancy period and start to sprout new growth, you’ll be able to see which branches or limbs are dead or damaged. You’ll want to have these branches removed. Damaged limbs can create a hazard to people and if they fall, they may take down other healthy branches on the tree. Looking over the tree, you can also see which branches rub together and remove them so they don’t damage each other.

Improves Their Structure

Pruning and trimming trees any time of the year helps improve the tree’s structure, especially when done properly for the season. Ideally, you’ll want a professional tree care service to trim your trees for structural integrity and beauty, as this process requires technical knowledge. Your tree care service professional can remove lower branches that may cause harm to people walking by, reduce the density of the branches to prevent the tree from falling over, and prune excess inner branches for increased airflow. A well-pruned tree will not only look beautiful but will also remain healthy and productive for years.

When you’re looking for a spring tree trimming service near me in the Dallas, Texas, area, contact our team at North Texas Trees. We can help with pruning your trees, removing dead or damaged limbs, and other tree trimming services.