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North Texas Trees offers an Annual Tree and Shrub Maintenance Program is a valuable resource for residential and commercial owners in North Texas looking to improve the health and longevity of their trees and shrubs. This program is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by trees in urban environments, where they are often stressed by factors like compacted soil, limited access to nutrients, and pollution.

Our Annual Tree and Shrub Maintenance Program includes 3 services to give your trees and shrubs everything they need to thrive year long: two deep root fertilization treatments per year, insect and disease control, and dormant oil application. These treatments are administered by North Texas Trees ISA-certified arborists, who will also perform a free annual tree assessment to identify any potential issues and ensure the fertilizer is applied effectively. With our maintenance program, your trees and shrubs can better resist disease and pests, develop stronger root systems, and produce lusher foliage. Contact North Texas Trees today to learn more about how their deep root fertilization program can benefit your landscape.

The benefits our best in Dallas Annual Tree & Shrub Maintenance Program:

Deep Root Fertilization

  • Experts ensure trees and shrubs stay healthy throughout the season.
  • Fertilizer is injected or drenched directly into the root zone for “spring greening.”
  • This method helps resist insects and disease, while promoting healthier foliage and blooms.
  • Direct root zone application is more effective than DIY methods like fertilizer spikes.

Insect and Disease Control

  • Tree and shrub care involves monitoring, plant care, and targeted treatments to prevent insects and diseases.
  • Taking action at the right time is crucial for a healthy and lush green outdoor space.
  • Preventive measures save money, time, and effort on pest control compared to reactive treatments.
  • Prioritizing prevention is key to a more attractive and safe environment.

Dormant Oil Application

  • Tree and shrub program utilizes winter to control pests with dormant oil spray.
  • Dormant oil suffocates overwintering eggs and insects.
  • Prevents future infestations of harmful pests during warmer months.
  • More effective pest control compared to spring and summer treatments.

Want to learn more about our Annual Tree & Shrub Maintenance Program – call or message us to get more information or get signed up. 

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