maintain healthy trees

How To Maintain the Healthiest Trees

Maintaining healthy trees takes a little planning. While most mature trees are low-maintenance, it’s still important to provide them with the necessary care and maintenance. The level of care that you provide to your property’s trees determines their strength, durability, and longevity. Here are a few ways to maintain the healthiest trees.

Trim and Prune Trees Regularly

Tree trimming and regular pruning services are important for maintaining strong, healthy trees. Tree pruning involves removing dead and diseased branches, which helps prevent any diseases from spreading throughout the tree. Failure to take care of diseased branches and trees promptly can lead to the disease spreading to the other trees on your property.

Regular pruning keeps trees strong and encourages them to grow. It allows for better air and light penetration and improves the aesthetic look of the trees surrounding your home.

Trimming and pruning aren’t just important for the health of the tree. Removing loose or dead branches also makes the tree safer. Loose branches may easily fall on your roof, car, or worse, you or your family. Professional contractors offering tree service in Dallas, TX, can help you maintain the trees on your property, so they stay strong and healthy.

Remove Dead Trees

The removal of dead trees is also important to maintain the health of nearby trees. Diseases easily spread from one tree to the next. Loose branches can fall onto nearby trees, affecting their structure. Dead trees also attract pests, which may make homes in nearby, healthy trees. Sometimes, dead trees attract rodents, like rats and mice, to your property.

Dead trees on your property can also bring down your home’s value. Home buyers are typically more interested in properties with a good amount of healthy trees. They may be hesitant to buy property full of dead trees, especially if they don’t know what caused it. Tree trimming services can also help prevent dead trees.

Use Braces and Cables To Support Fledglings

Supporting fledgling trees with braces and cables helps them grow into large, healthy trees. Newly planted trees may not be strong enough to withstand even minor wind or rainstorms until they establish roots deep enough into the ground. Adding braces or cables to new trees gives them time to grow these roots, which allows them to become mature trees that add value to your property. 

Adding tree mulch to your new trees can also speed up their development. Mulch reduces water loss, keeps weeds under control, and protects trees from extreme temperature changes. You can also use braces and cables to support damaged trees. As long as the tree didn’t experience damage from pests or disease, tree braces may help it recover. Scheduling a tree maintenance service as soon as possible following a storm gives your trees the best chance at recovery.

Routine tree pruning, prompt removal of dead trees, and adding support to new trees can lead to a property full of mature, healthy trees. In return, your trees will offer you shade and privacy. Make sure you schedule your routine tree trimming appointment today so that you can give your trees the best chance.