summer tree maintenance

Guide To Summer Tree Maintenance

Trees play an extraordinary role in our environment, providing shelter for birds and other animals, supporting soil health, giving oxygen, and storing carbon. Trees require year-round care to keep delivering those benefits. Each season brings different challenges. From the team at North Texas Trees, here are the priorities to focus on in your summer tree maintenance regimen.

Keep the Water Flowing

Water gives trees and other vegetation life. The hot and dry Texas weather makes summer the most important season for proper watering. Pay particular attention to young trees and those that are recently planted. It’s important to be consistent because hot weather can cause evaporation. The best indicator that the tree needs water comes from the soil, which should be moist and not muddy.

Use Mulching to Your Advantage

Putting down a layer of mulch around the base of your tree each summer gives it an attractive appearance. But mulch provides important support as part of summer tree maintenance. The right amount of mulch keeps weeds under control. It also helps the tree keep moisture sealed in rather than subjecting it to evaporation and supports soil health. Keep the mulch away from the trunk.

Remove Dead and Diseased Branches

Summer tree maintenance to keep trees healthy requires selective pruning. As a rule of thumb, most pruning is best done when trees are dormant. But every tree is a little different. One focal point for pruning during summer tree maintenance is to target dead and diseased branches, which can provide an obstacle to the tree’s continued growth and development. Removing dead or diseased branches is also a safety measure as it prevents branches from falling on people.

Be Alert to Pests

Nature also provides enemies for trees in the form of various insects or other pests. These include gypsy moths, caterpillars, beetles, and more invasive species such as the emerald ash borer and the Asian longhorn beetle. You can deal with some of these pests by dislodging them with a thorough spray from a hose, while others may require treatment with a pesticide. The arborists at North Texas Trees can recommend the best way to address pests.

Fertilize for Growth

Trees and all living things need nutrition for growth. Summer is an excellent time to apply fertilizer to your tree to deliver the nutrients it needs to develop healthily. The team at North Texas Trees can advise on the best balance of minerals and help spread it properly for proper leaf and shoot development. Fertilization needs will be acute in younger trees and those in urban and suburban regions. Nutrition can help trees fend off pests and diseases.

Seasonal Tree Care at North Texas Trees

Trees are marvelous living organisms that deserve proper care year-round. The team of certified arborists and professional staff at North Texas Trees in Dallas, Texas, provides extensive knowledge about the best approach to keeping your trees healthy. Now in its fifth decade, North Dallas Trees is available in all four seasons to give you the information and resources you need in order to keep your trees healthy and beautiful! Call or reach out online for a consultation. For more tips on tree health, visit our blog.