fall tree care tips

Fall Tree Care 101: The Basics of Fall Tree Care

‍Everyone loves seeing the changing of the seasons. The cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and vibrant colors that accompany autumn are some of the most spectacular sights in nature. While fall is undoubtedly a beautiful season, it also brings with it several challenges for homeowners who have yard tree ornaments and landscaping. Keeping your yard free of diseases and pests as well as maintaining your trees through the fall months requires careful planning and proper care. Here are some fall tree care tips to help keep your favorite trees healthy throughout the season.

Inspect your trees

The first thing you should do is inspect your trees for signs of disease or pests. Healthy trees will have vibrant leaves and a symmetrical shape, while diseased trees will show declining health. Also, look for leaf drops and an abnormal amount of sap as signs of insect or disease attack. While you want to keep an eye out for symptoms of disease and pests, it is also important to keep an eye out for things that are simply part of the season. For example, if you have a maple tree, you will notice that the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red in addition to the usual green color. This is a natural part of the process, and you should not be alarmed because the tree will return to its normal condition once the season is over.

Clean up debris regularly

Fall is a great time to clean up fallen branches and other debris from your trees. Leaving the clean-up task until the end of the season will only result in more debris collecting in your yard. Plus, having fallen branches and twigs lying around will damage the soil below and can even cause damage to your lawn or other plants. So, clean up any fallen branches and leaves that can be safely removed by you or a neighbor. Make sure to clean up all branches and leaves from your yard, including the areas around trees that are not yours.

Maintain healthy soil

Planting trees and shrubs during the summer months helps to establish healthy soil for the entire growing season. This means that your trees and shrubs will thrive, produce abundant amounts of flowers, and produce healthy crops without any problems. Cleaning up any existing soil, planting new seeds, and watering the newly turned soil ensures that your yard is as healthy as possible. You can also add fertilizer to the soil to help promote early tree growth and healthy growth throughout the season. Although you can plant seeds in autumn, you should not plant any trees or shrubs in the fall. This is because when the soil is too cold, the seeds do not germinate. Instead, wait until spring to plant trees and shrubs in your yard.

Fertilize your trees

You should fertilize your trees once a month during the fall. This will ensure that your trees are receiving the nutrients that they require for healthy growth. There are several types of fertilizers and combinations of fertilizers that can be used for different purposes. For example, you can use a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content to promote early leaf growth and fertilizer with a high potassium content to promote healthy tree growth. It is best to consult a professional landscaper when choosing a fertilizer for your trees. It is also important to ensure that you are applying the proper amount of fertilizer. The amount of water that you add to the fertilizer should be equal to the amount of fertilizer that you add to the soil. This will ensure that your trees get the right amount of nutrients to flourish and grow without issue.


Fall is a great time to enjoy the changing of the seasons and the beautiful fall colors. To keep your trees healthy, you will need to inspect them for signs of disease and pests, clean up fallen branches, maintain healthy soil, and fertilize, and water. You can also plant new trees and shrubs in the spring if you want to wait until the spring temperatures have warmed the soil. Finally, if you have trees or shrubs in your yard, make sure to keep them watered, fertilized, and healthy.

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