holiday tree-wrapping services in dallas

Dallas’ Best Tree-Wrapping Service for the Holidays

Want to take your holiday decorating to the next level? Wondering how you can make your home stand out? An outdoor tree-lighting service helps you bring your tree-lighting dreams to life. North Texas Trees isn’t just the top Dallas tree removal company, but we also offer premier tree-wrapping services.

What Is Tree Wrapping?

Tree wrapping involves adding thousands of twinkling holiday lights to your trees. Many Dallas customers choose to wrap some of their larger live oak and cedar ash trees with smaller lights and then drape a few larger bulbs between trees to create a curtain of illumination.

Tree-wrapping services help your home stand out by making it the most illuminated, festive house on the street. A tree-lighting service can be temporary, used for decorating during the holidays, or it can be used as permanent lighting.

Customized Tree-Wrapping Designs

North Texas Trees creates customized tree-wrapping designs based on each customer’s vision. Whether your vision includes thousands of tiny twinkling lights or large bulbs strung from tree to tree, North Texas Trees can bring it to life for you.

We even offer other landscaping wrapping services. Adding string holiday lights to your bushes, hedges, or fencing can really add extra shine to your decorations this season. Go with fluctuating reds, blues, and greens for a traditional holiday design, or choose a more subtle design with white lights. 

Customized designs also mean you can find something that fits within your price range. North Texas Trees works with budgets of all sizes.

Commercial Tree Wrapping Service

Commercial tree wrapping services add a festive design to your commercial business that your customers are sure to love. While tree wrapping is a great option for holiday decorations, North Texas Tree also offers permanent year-round lighting. String a few lights for a romantic vibe at a restaurant or to increase security for nighttime shoppers.

Bright tree lighting is also a great way to bring more attention to your commercial business. As the sun sets earlier in the winter, permanent exterior lights can help a business stand out.

Why North Texas Trees?

Searching for “tree-wrapping service near me” may provide you with a few options. Choosing the right company is crucial for your tree-wrapping design and for protecting your trees. You want your trees to look festive and magical, but you don’t want to ruin the integrity or condition of the tree during the process. 

This means you need a professional tree service in Dallas that understands the delicate process of tree wrapping. Every tree is different, and choosing lights and designs that make the most of the trees on your property is important.

Cleaning up tree lighting is just as important as the initial care of installing them. North Texas Trees takes extra care to remove all lights and securing devices, leaving your property and trees in the same condition they were before wrapping. North Texas Trees is also a Dallas arborist tree service, which means we’re specifically trained to properly care for your trees.

Make sure you choose Dallas’ best tree-wrapping service for the holidays. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your home stand out, while still giving your trees the attention and care they deserve.