dallas tree care tips

5 Dallas Tree Care Tips

As spring approaches and your yard and trees show signs of new growth, you’ll want to take care of your trees so they can grow and flourish in all of their beauty. To optimize your Dallas tree care, consider hiring professional Dallas arborists with the tools and knowledge to take the best care of your trees. Your tree care service will use the following five Dallas tree care tips to make sure you have healthy trees throughout the year.

Dallas Tree Care Tips

Trim and Prune Dead Branches

One of the first things a tree trimming service will do is to check for dead or dying branches and remove them. Once the dormant trees begin to show green growth after their winter dormancy, it’s easy for the arborist to see which branches died over the winter and remove them. Getting rid of dead limbs or branches helps the trees stay healthy and also prevents falling limbs from causing injuries to people.

Check for Pests and Disease

tree disease and diagnosis

Pests and diseases can cause damage to your North Texas trees, and you’ll want your arborist to check your tree collection for any type of infestation. Your professional tree service personnel will have the knowledge of what types of pests or diseases may infect select tree species and how best to treat the problem.

Apply Fertilizer

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Spring is the perfect time to fertilize your trees as they sprout fresh growth, buds, and fruit. The nutrients from the applied fertilizer will help nourish the trees and make them more resilient to pests and disease. In addition, the proper nutrients will help boost the health of the soil so it can continue to feed the trees throughout the spring season.

Inspect or Install Irrigation

You’ll want to make sure your irrigation system is in top-notch condition before the Texas summer heat arrives. Your Dallas tree care service can inspect your existing irrigation system and make repairs as needed. If you don’t have an irrigation system for your trees, consider having it installed. An irrigation system with smart water timers helps ensure your trees get sufficient water as needed for the weather.

Clean Around the Base of the Trees and Add Mulch

Cleaning the base of the tree will get rid of vegetation that may compete for water or nutrients your trees need to grow and flourish. Removing weeds and debris also gets rid of vegetation that insects or pests inhabit, reducing the chance of an infestation. After cleaning, fertilizing, and watering, place mulch around the base of the tree to help conserve water when the temperatures start to climb.

In addition to the above five Dallas tree care tips, consider planting new trees. Spring is a great time for fresh starts, and trees planted in the spring will thrive and grow, adding to your landscaping and shade tree collection.

When you’re looking for professional, Dallas tree care services in your area, contact our team at Texas Trees today. We provide all aspects of tree trimming and tree care services including pruning, removal of dead branches, irrigation, and fertilization.