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3 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Healthy trees can add a lot of value to your property. Not only do they look nice, but they also offer shade and noise control. Dead trees, on the other hand, are an eyesore on your property. They pose many safety risks and often attract all kinds of pests onto your property, which may affect the health of nearby trees. There are a few important reasons you should remove a dead tree.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are one of the most important reasons for removing a dead tree. A dead tree will eventually fall, and it could be painful if it falls on you or a family member. It’s also possible that the tree could fall on someone walking down the road or a child playing in the yard, which could leave you liable for their medical bills.

Even if the fallen tree doesn’t land on a person, it may fall on your fence, roof, or vehicle. This can result in expensive repairs that your insurance company may or may not cover. Even if your insurance company covers it, you can expect your deductible to increase as a result. The cost of hiring a company for tree removal in Dallas is usually much more affordable than repairing your roof or replacing your vehicle.

Pest Control

Dead trees tend to attract pests. A rotted tree can encourage carpenter ants or termites to move onto your property. Other pests that you may find in a dead tree include mosquitoes, wasps, and flies. Some dead trees may even attract rodents, like rats and mice. Having these pests on your property can make it difficult to enjoy time outdoors. It’s also possible for the pests to take up residence in nearby trees, which could affect their overall health.

Another problem with pest infestation is that it typically further impacts the integrity and condition of the tree. The pests may eat at the wood, causing branches to fall off. Over time, they may destabilize the tree enough that it falls. Depending on the tree’s proximity to your home, the pests could also make their way indoors.

Protect Other Trees

Depending on what affected the dead tree, it could also impact the other healthy trees on your property. Diseases that kill trees are often contagious and will quickly move on to any nearby trees. Many tree-killing diseases are possible in Texas, including oak wilt, Hypoxylon canker, and root rot. Some signs that your tree may have been affected by a tree disease include wilting, swelling, spotted leaves or a yellowish coloring.

If you believe that a tree disease ruined your tree, it’s important to contact a Dallas tree removal service as quickly as possible. Tree removal companies can inspect the rotted wood of the dead tree to help you protect the other trees on your property.

Putting off tree removal for too long can lead to expensive damages and pest infestations. By scheduling routine tree maintenance and prompt tree removal, you can help your property’s trees thrive. Healthy trees in Texas can last for many years, adding to your property’s beauty and comfort.