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North Texas Trees professional tree surgeons are some of the most experienced and skilled tree climbers in DFW. All of our tree surgeons are completely insured and bonded and have been in our company a minimum of fifteen years. Our goal through tree trimming services in Dallas is to raise and balance the tree’s canopy and remove all dead, diseased, and crossing branches. Typically, we advise that you prune your trees every other year, and deep root fertilize twice annually to ensure beautiful, healthy trees.

If you are in need of tree trimming services in Dallas, North Texas Trees can help. Our experienced professionals are certified to address all of your tree’s needs. This guarantees that all of our services they provide are designed to put the health of your trees first.

Tree trimming services in Dallas is an important part of regular tree maintenance. Just like other areas of your yard, your trees need regular attention in order to ensure the longevity of their lives. Not to mention regular maintenance is great for the overall look of your yard and the safety of your personal property.

In addition to being great for the health of your trees and safety of your property, tree trimming services in Dallas is also great to promote the continued growth in your trees. Our skilled arborists are able to discern the unique growth patterns of your trees in order to provide the best holistic care for them.

Removing damaged or otherwise compromised areas of your tree on a regular basis will keep it from becoming a larger headache later on.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning in Dallas:


  • Roof clearance
  • Preventative storm thinning
  • Utility line clearance
  • Dead & broken limb removal


  • Visual clearance
  • Thinning to allow filtered sunlight for turf
  • Storm damage correction
  • Sucker growth removal


  • Thinning for light & air penetration
  • Invasive species removal
  • Insect treatment
  • Disease treatment
  • Characteristic shape restoration

Practices of Tree Trimming in Dallas

Crown Raising

Crown raising is commonly done to clear sidewalks, roads, or buildings from low, obtrusive branches. We refer to this practice as “raising and balancing the canopy of the tree.”

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Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the method of reducing the overall size of a tree’s canopy by pruning. Crown reduction is done for a variety of reasons; one of the most important is to alleviate unnecessary weight (dead, diseased, and crossing branches) from the canopy of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of small branches throughout the interior of a tree. Thinning reduces “windsail” and weight that might otherwise contribute to a tree’s uprooting. Another benefit of thinning is to allow more filtered sunlight into the yard.

Crown Clearing

Crown clearing is the removal of all dead, diseased, and broken branches from the tree’s canopy.

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